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Requirements for issuance of Airline Transport Pilot Licence :-

  1. Age not less than 21 years.
  2. CAASL Class I Medical Certificate.
  3. ATPL Theory examination completion result sheet issued by CAASL.
  4. Flying experience as per IS 72.
  5. Flight Instructions as per IS 72
  6. English Language Proficiency. (ELPC Level 4 or higher).
  7. Skill test report

Procedure for the Application :-

  • Register with the computerized Licensing System through CAASL Licensing system
  • Create the user profile
  • Submit the ATPL issuance application form

Attach the following documents to the application

  • ATPL Knowledge examination completion result sheet.
  • last page of your log book
  • If you need any assistance to create the profile or add new application, press the “Help” button.
  • Visit the Training Organization & Personnel Licensing (TOPL) Section with the original log book, other original documents and completed counter checklist.
  • Make the relevant payment to commence the process of evaluation of the application.
  • Log book will be returned to you by hand after the evaluation.
  • Flight Examiner will be appointed by Director Training Organization & Personnel Licensing (DTOPL) and letters will be sent to the relevant examiner with a copy to you.
  • CPL/IR Shall be valid at the time of the skill test.After completion of the skill test, report shall be sent DTOPL for processing.

 Application will not be processed unless the applicant produce all required original certificates /documents to TOPL section of CAASL and make the relevant payments.

Application/Document submission time: 9.00 am – 12.30 pm
Document Collection time: 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm

More detailed requirements can be found in Implementing Implementing Standard 72 and SLCAP 3010
Click here for frequently asked questions on ATPL.

CAASL Approved Flying Training Organizations Click here.