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Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL), the regulatory and controlling body for civil aviation to give effect to the International Civil Aviation Convention and matters connected therewith, recently reviewed its aeromedical examiner’s panel and the recruitment procedure. 

The aeromedical examiners serve those who require licencing to perform safety related functions such as piloting aircraft, air crews, aeronautical engineers and air traffic controllers, certificate holders in various capacities engaged in both the airline industry and that of the aeronautical service providers. This is a mandatory requirement in meeting with the world civil aviation standards. 

Turning into good governance, it is another first in a aviation history that opens up for the aeromedical professionals and well experienced aeromedical practitioners to come on-board, following the new selection criteria, which are openly advertised in print and electronic media.  It has established a process– evaluation of the applications professional qualifications and hands on experience. 

The newly recruited aeronautical medical examiners received their letters of appointment in the hands of Director General of Civil Aviation and Chief Executive Officer, Mr P A Jayakantha.  Here the Director General stressed that there is an urgent need for enhanced aeromedical evaluation process and focus on specialized medical areas, research and to be results oriented.                                                                                                            

The Civil Aviation Authority’s Acting Deputy Director General (Corporate Affairs & Economic Regulations) Mr Rayhan Wanniappa, Head of Aeromedical Section Dr Bimal Dias and the Aeromedical Assessor Dr Nimal Gunaratne was associated with the programme.