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සිවිල් ගුවන්සේවා අධිකාරියේ නව සභාපති ලෙස ජී. එස්. විතානගේ මහ...

18 January 2023

ශ්‍රී ලංකා සිවිල් ගුවන්සේවා අධිකාරියේ උප සභාපති ජී. එස්. විතානගේ...

Visa Recommendations for Expatriates of Airlines and other Aviation Related Organizations and students of Aviation Schools

Recommendations to obtain Entry visa and Residence visa are issued for all expatriate staff and students upon prior requests made by the airline, agency or aviation schools.

The applicant (Airline, Agency or School) should fill and forward the form CAASL/009/20A (attached below) to the Director – Air Transport and Economic Regulation of the CAASL along with covering letter, applicable fees and other required documents. For further information please read the Directive AT/02/2019 (Attached below).