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සිවිල් ගුවන්සේවා අධිකාරියේ නව සභාපති ලෙස ජී. එස්. විතානගේ මහ...

18 January 2023

ශ්‍රී ලංකා සිවිල් ගුවන්සේවා අධිකාරියේ උප සභාපති ජී. එස්. විතානගේ...

Any Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company which intends to provide its services to an owner and/or operator of a Sri Lankan registered aircraft will need to hold the CAASL IS-145 or IS-M-Subpart F - Maintenance Organisation Approval.

The IS-145 or IS-M-Subpart F prescribes the standards to which an MRO company will need to achieve and maintain, in order to carry out maintenance work on a Sri Lankan registered aircraft, or components to be fitted on a Sri Lankan registered aircraft.

To apply for the IS-145 Maintenance Organisation Approval for foreign organisations, the applicant will need to show evidence of the need to hold the approval, in the form of a letter from an existing Sri Lankan Air Operator or a IS-145 Approved Maintenance Organisation, indicating that the services of the MRO company is necessary.

For more information, please refer industry guidance CAA/AW/P/06 to obtain maintenance organisation approval. To obtain this approval, your organisation must fulfil the requirements as specified in CAASL IS-145 or IS-M-Subpart F. (Click here to visit Implementing Standards)